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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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oe. hello, there welcome to newsline. i'm catherine cobe yash she, next week, it told un agencies the window for launch is between february 8th and the 2 59. japan and other nations have been on alert over signs that the north may be preparing for a missile test. yang told the international maritime organization that the first stage of the satellite carrying rocket will likely fall in the yellow sea over the western coast of south korea. it's expected to fall into waters southwest of the of tegu.
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ta fall into the pacific ocean. so-called satellite laurchls three times since 2009. it maintains they were for space exploration. much of the international community says they were actually tests of long-range lallistla balan ballistic missiles. show possible signs of preparations for a missile launch at a site in the northwestern part of north korea. the launchpad has been covered as it was in the last one in 2012. international community preparing fresh sanctions. the planned launch period includes february 16th, the birthday of former leader. also known as shining star day. the country said it has named its satellite in honor of the day. observers say the launch is
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aimed at inn inn flsanction on north are ongoing at the united nations. central news agency reported that china's north korea's affairs is vitting yang. he is expected to discuss the test launch. he met with officials the u.s. japanese and south korean governments last night. the white house has criticized the plan. >> this act would violate numerous security council resolutions by using prescribed poli ballistic technology destabilizing actions and respond with steadily increasing pressure. >> japan's government is preparing for the possible missile lunch. it has deplord air force patriot
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interceptor missile launch to shoot down any debris that could land on japan's soil. high performance radar, capable of tracking multiple ballistic miss sills. also planning to release information about the launch through the m net emergency network, and its nationwide warning system, jalert. something they haven't seen in a while. setting down roots thereafter economic sanctions. so what kiechbd companies are headed over there? >> catherine, we're seeing a lot of manufactures, jumping at the chance to reach the millions of people that live in iran. also hearing from businesses that do work on refineries since iran is one of the major oil producers. from japan, it will be one of the first infra stra ture deal since the sanctions were lifted.
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they say they've reached a basic agreement with teheran to conduct major repairs in the country's south. the project is expected to be worth about $2.5 billion. the sources say work will start next year or later after they sign the contract. other companies with investment plans in iran have gotten off to a quick start. german auto maker daimler for trucks two days after the sanctions ended. european aircraft maker air bus conducted a contract late last month to sell 118 passenger planes. members of the trance pacific partnership will sign the treaty in new zealand on thursday, but u.s. officials might be in for a fight to get the trade deal passed. republican leaders told president barack obama that deliberations should wait until the presidential election in
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november. obama has met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan to discuss policy issues in his final year of presidency. white house spokesperson josh earnest told reporters he wants quick action on the tpp. >> the president is eager to see congress take them take action as soon as possible so the u.s. economy and american workers can start enjoying the benefits of that agreement. >> mcconnell told reporters after the meeting that not all lawmakers are happy with the deal. he appointed out that some presidential hopefuls from the republican and democratic parties oppose the trade deal. >> asian share prices declining this morning, as crude oil prices tumbled. over supply are fueling concerns about economic growth.
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tokyo, nikkei down 17,201. avoiding risks on a weaker dollar. crude oil prices tumbled too. the wti fell around 5%. the american petroleum institute reported crude at 3.8 million barrels, expectation fizzled out for a deal between opec and russia to limit supplies. currency, dollar dropped nearly 1%, biggest decline since december. 119.62 to 67. declined against the euro, oil prices fell too. trading at 109. currency along with the yen. let's look at other markets in the asia pacific region. a negative picture so far this morning. australian shares down sharply as well. down 1.7% over in seoul.
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down 0.9%. china's slow down on japjapan's biggest steel makers, second largest economy net loss in three years. company officials revised downward their forecast for fiscal 2015, ending in march. they say it's net loss will grow to 20 billion yen or about $167 million. the officials say sales will total about $15 billion, down about $215 million from the previous forecast. they say that's mainly because sluggish demand for china for construction has dampened sale of building machinery. demand for the products have shrunk from the peak of 170,000 units to less than 60,000. now we bring you the second part of our series on trend-setters in japan's textile industry.
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they've been hit by off shore outsourcing and the decline in traditional skills. some designers trying to keep the skills alive through a blend of old and new. nhk yang wood reports. >> there is a tailor shop in tokyo. the shop specializes in british made cloth. a few years ago, it started using this fabric, woven in japan. >> translator: the quality of the workmanship is quite different. better than british cloth in this price range. no question. >> the lightness and softness make it stand out t was woven here. on this 80-year-old machine. it takes four hours to weave enough material to make a single jacket and the process must be watched the whole time.
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the machine is a victim of progress. it is no longer made in japan, and parts are scarce. so the staff maintains it with love and care. during a low point in his company's business, executive laurchled a sales puch. he pitched the fabric abroad, companies took interest and the company's reputation has sinoor. domestic and international sales have shot up and operating at full. >> translator: now we hope to collaborate with the next generation of japanese fashion designers to make products our global customers will love. >> the revive al of old skills. mall production runs of under
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100 items. >> a designer has commissioned to make a limited run of ten ever these dresses and a very popular with customer. >> the designer found the taylor on this website. the site connects designers and clothing manufactures with skilled crafts people, it lists their expertise and samples of their work. crafts people looking for commissions can also search the site. a deal is struck, once both sides agree on conditions. >> translator: it really helps when i need one piece in a rush. because i can find people who are willing to do a one off. turn around time has improved dramatically. >> the website is the creation of a former tail tailer, alarmed
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by the decline in his trade. >> translator: the business was no longer profitable. there were a few opportunities for businesses and taylors to meet so we needed to come up with a way of networking. >> seam stress uses the website too. she specializes in wedding dresses and ball gauns. duncan recalls a time when orders drew thin. the website is helping her find new jobs, such as transforming these into dresses. >> the advantage is i'll be able to meet customers that i would otherwise wouldn't be able to reach out to. because i, you know, like, my networking connection is, you know, limited. >> japan's industry players are helping to weave new business patterns by taking a look at
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time-tested materials. >> that's the latest in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. olympic officials have been keeping a close eye on the zika virus in brazil in rio say they're working to limit the impact. >> we need to do the work that
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we have to do, and nothing has changed. beyond the fact that we have worked with local authorities to increase inspections into oversee all the venues in search for stagnant waters, and possible presence of the mow ski tow. >> it drew more than the number of reporters, they declared. the games will be held in the winter, likely it will fall. separately a who expert spoke to us about complications. anthony costello says there is a link between zika and babies born with micro encephly. >> clearly if someone is early
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in pregnancy, they may want to think again about going to an area where micro cases are and zika virus is thought to be common. >> costello says will is no guarantee the vaccine will be developed soon. southeast asian health authorities are also concerned. the ministry on tuesday latest case of the disease. ministry said the new case is a 22-year-old thai male. he was admitted to the hospital in bangkok in late january, with symptoms, including a fever and a rash. he was diagnosed as being infected with zika on monday. he seems to have acquired the virus in thailand, since he has not traveled overseas recently. the ministry says the country's first zeika case was in 2012, ad five to six cases have been reported every year since then. it asked the public not to panic. none of the cases have led to serious out breaks.
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the thai government is beefing up its measures. denghai fever, which carries the zika virus. japan's government is stepping up to the plate to help syrians affected by the country's civil war. it intends to pledge $350 million in aid to help those who fled their homes. foreign affairs, mu tochlt o is expected to make the announcement in a support of syria on wednesday. moon and german chancellor mer kill are also expected to attend. japanese officials say the fund will provide education and vocational training. focus on training women and young people, so they can play a key role in rebuilding the country. the japanese government has been
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seeking more of an international spotlight as of late. it's gearing up to host this year's summit of the group of seven countries in may. a top official of the chinese communist party says his country will under swifrgly even after the change of power in taiwan. central television reported that they made the remark on tuesday, at a conference discussing beijing's taiwan's policy. number four in the party leadership, and is in charge of taiwan affairs. he reportedly said the two sides have built an institutional framework of communication and cooperation, based on adherence to the principals since 2008. stressed that tension had been eased because of taiwan's nationalist party shared the principal. the tv report quoted u.s. saying that beijing will firmly oppose and contain taiwan separatist in
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any form. his remark came after the leader of the democratic progressive party wen won the election in january. the party is seen as pro independence. japan is set to join an international tretty meant to protect humans and the environment from mercury. joining the treaty on tuesday. >> translator: japan experienced industrial poisoning with financial assistance. >> it bans new mercury mines and stop the mmanufacturer and fluorescent lights. it was adopted at un conference
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in 2013 and only go into effect after a 50 countries have ratified it. the key number could be reached by the end of the year. caring for the elderly in japan is a costly endeavor and with japan's rapidly rising population, outlays are expected to increase. 7 million people to have dimentia. creative ways to save. >> japan's population is apparent in this city. every year, it spends more than $80 million on health and nursing care for the elderly. the municipal government has been investigating ways to control the costs. >> translator: we need to consider different options to best utilize our modest tax
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revenue, and scant financial resources. >> the longer people stay healthy, the less the government has to spend on care. with that in mind, the city offers health maintenance programs for seniors, such as exercise classes. the national government is also trying to reign next pen tures. it recently lost a pilot project social impact bond, sib. creative projects are outsourced. funds is comes from investors. if improvements in physical and mental strength reduce the number of seniors needing care, costs should go down. as a result, the people putting up the money should see a return on investment. >> good morning. >> a project underway involves a
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private school. seniors are given easy calculations to make and children stories to read out loud. both are said to be effective in preventing dementia. >> translator: your brain is as healthy as someone in their 40s, very active. >> city officials are hoping a reduction in dementia will ease its spending on nursing care. >> translator: any administrative costs saved in one area could be diverted to another. >> a home for the elderly at a nearby suburb is seeing results. this 84-year-old resident used to rely on the staff for most of her daily routine. six months after starting in a fitness program, things started to change.
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>> translator: you're faster than usual today. very good. >> she now can go to the restroom by herself. >> translator: she can do more things alone. our staff is spending less time taking care of her. >> the woman's self-reliance gives staff for others, and reduces the over all cost of care. but measuring actual savings is harder than just wishing for them. in december, the national government and organizations and project crunched the numbers. >> nursing care is rather hard to clearly evaluate with quantitative data. >> private operators among those coming up with meaningful metrics. >> finding ways to evaluate the program is a tall order. we're still new to the field.
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we're exploring and develop knowledge through trial and error. >> as the country is aging, it is also shrinking. sib, may save money for today's taxpayers and be sure care is available for tomorrow's senior citizens. >> it is time for a check of the weather. people in northern areas of the uk dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm. robert speta joins us. >> a winter storm henry out here, named by the met office. you can see on the satellite picture, we have the satellite in this cloud cover continuing in the east. behind it, we seen those gusty winds out here n facts, we have some video coming out of northern areas of the uk. first out of scotland. look at these waves continuing to kick up.
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in fact, the eighth of year. over 135 kill lom meter. along the western
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snow fall on wednesday. in fact, we're looking at travel at about one to two hours out there at the airports, because
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of that snow continuing to impact the city there, and eventually, all this is going to shift over there towards new england with that heavy rain continuing to linger farther down toward the south. flash flood for parts of the florida peninsula. even freezing rain mixing in with that. yes, still on wednesday, not as high of a threat, but you could see the chance of tornadoes out here. wrap things out into eastern asia. we are looking at that winter pressure, that winter pattern that is, the sea of japan. snow fall expect out there, also over there towards okito. northeastern parts is dominating, keeping things on the chilly side for you. in fact, into beijing, a high of 6 there on your wednesday. minus 17 for those of you, you have to really get south of this frontal area. taipei to get back into the warm weather, manila with a high of
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32 on wednesday. extended one more story to share with you before we go.
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winter weather helping people in western japan bring down the heat in their cooking. >> translator: residents in the this town laying salted chilly peppers on the snow. they say it makes them less spicy. they leave them outside for four days. cold temperatures and winds balance the flavors. >> translator: i can't wait to eat them. >> the next step so s to grind the chillies and mix in other ingredients. they'll be left to age for three years. they make miso paste, soy sauce. >> that wraps up this edition of news line, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. xnóx
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host: worldwide, we waste about one third of the food we produce. i am not just talking about rich nations. hello, and welcome to "global 3000." we're about to explore why it's so difficult to stop the global waste of food, and here's what we have coming up. how proper storage and transport chains help cut down on food waste in rwanda. how a new app stops sell-by-dates from turning food into garbage. and why five countries open their borders to make more space for elephants. right now we could still feed


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